Creating a QR Code

The only thing that is required to generate a QR Code is to be aware of the content. It is as simple as these few steps:

  • Go the QR Code Generator
  • Put some URL under the "QR Code Content" section - try your Facebook page or profile
  • Click the Generate button (scroll down a little to see it)!
  • Now you can scan the code

When you scanned the code you were probably surprised that you actually see instead of your link. Don't worry - this is just URL shortening that is used to make the QR Code smaller. If you want to see your direct URL untick the checkbox that is under the URL field.

Now you can experiment with the other content types (also known as call-to-actions). You can also generate visually more appealing and diverse codes - look at the QR Code Appearance section! You can change much more the way your code looks - use different shapes (yes, they all are readable!), eyes (the three big markers) appearance and colors, change the foreground and background colors of the whole code or apply images instead, embed logo and much more. You can also blend a QR Code over an image - choose the Blended Square or Blended Circle shapes!