Tracking QR Codes

It is great to be able to create dynamic QR Codes, but it is even better to be able to view the stats on the codes to see when they were scanned, what type of phones , carrier, ISP data and much more.

Create a QR Code from Quick Actions or the Dashboard.

Create a QR Code

The QR Code is automatically set to save in "Default Campaign" as you can see just above the QR Code content area.

Select website URL and you will see "Track QR Code" is ticked. If you need this to be dynamic, leave this ticked. If unticked, it will render the QR Code static and no tracking will be available.

Ensure the URL is in this format as well.

Dynamic QR Code

Now click on Generate and you have a dynamic QR Code with Tracking.

How do I view the statistics on the QR Code?

Click on Statistics from the left hand side menu and the statistics overview graph will be displayed.


If your QR Code is stored in the default campaign then click on the default campaign under statistics graph. This will then take you to the statistics for the Default Campaign. If you have multiple QR Codes here simply untick the ones you do not need.

All the data is then displayed in Graph format for ISP/Browsers/Handsets/Geo-location/Operating systems etc.

Here you can also export statistics in PNG format or print the data in chart format.