QR Code Reader

The QR Code reader can provides you with the capability to read online QR Codes. Usually the QR Codes are scanned by the users with their phones - what is the benefit of having a QR Code reader online?

Usage Scenarios

  • You have a previously generated QR Code that you want to import (or even track - by using the Self Hosted Tracking) in the QR Code Manager. By using the reader you can generate exactly the same QR Code (as bit matrix)
  • You have an existing raster QR Code that you want to have in vector. In this case you can regenerate the Code (again - by using the same bit matrix as the original) and then download the vector format.
  • You have an exiting plain black & white raster QR Code that you want beautified - set custom colors, use an image or have a different shape for the blocks.
  • Just test, is a customized QR Code readable* or obtain the original non customized code**

* The reader is based on the CPP version of Zxing thus it is an older release and may lag behind as capabilities from the JAVA based mobile scanners thus may not be able to read all customized QR Codes.
** When reading customized QR Codes the obtained bit matrix may be different from the one of the original noncustomized version of the Code.

How to use?

The reader accepts only raster QR Codes and only in PNG format (in future other formats will be accepted as well). After you choose a PNG file to upload, just click the "Read" button. If the reading process is successful, the following options will appear:

  • QR Code content - this is the content that a user will see when he/she scans the QR Code (click over the text field to copy its content)
  • QR Code bit matrix - this is the source bit matrix for the QR Code (click over the text field to copy its content)
  • Generate QR Code based on the content - this will send you to the QR Code Generator with QR Code Content prefilled (and set as Text). With this option you can generate a new QR Code that may differ as bit matrix from the original but will have the same content. As well you can enable tracking (if the QR Code actual content is text or URL - you have to manually check this as the system will not emit a warning).
  • Generate QR Code based on the bit matrix - this will send you to the QR Code Generator where the content will be preset and disabled (bit matrix is used) and you will be able to adjust only the "QR Code Appearance" settings (Error Correction is not editable either as this will change the actual bitmatrix).

Note - QR Codes generated using the bit matrix may show wrong values for the Error Correction (as in fact they are not generated from the system, but imported).