Self Hosted Tracking FAQ

Why would I use Self Hosted Tracking?

The way most of the QR Code Readers work is when a QR Code that contains a URL is scanned by the user the reader will show the URL and only if the user confirms will load it. Because of the nature of the tracking (and of the URL shortening services) the generated URLs will look like This URL does not contain any hint as to what is in the site, what is the content regarding, who is the owner. Even worse - it can lead to a malicious site and because of this concern and the many unknowns your clients may not open the site at all. Consider instead the following URL: http://yourdomain/product-promotion-qr - now it is a much more clear what is the company/brand and what is the QR Code about. Using our Self Hosted Tracking we provide you with the ability to enable QR Codes to display your domain/brand and relevant info, and in the same time have our powerful tracking.

The Self Hosted Tracking has one more major advantage - you do not rely on an external system for your campaign. Even if our tracking system goes down your campaign will not be affected in any way - the content will continue to be served and the hits saved. When the tracking system goes up it will retrieve all data and the statistics will become available even for the period while the system was down.

How do I get the Self Hosted Tracking Enabled?

The Self Hosted Tracking option is available as an add-on to our Advanced and Enterprise packages. In order to have it enabled for your account please contact us.

Are there any limitations of the Self Hosted Tracking?

The only limitation is that Geolocation is not yet available for the Self Hosted Tracking. Please check our Road Map for the features that will be added soon. In regards to the produced graphs & statistics there is no difference between the normally tracked QR Codes and the Self Hosted Tracking.

How many self hosted QR Codes can I have?

The amount of QR Codes that use the Self Hosted Tracking is not limited.

Can I change the content of the QR Code?

You can change the content that is served by the tracking script. This means that you can change the URL to where it redirects or the content of the text or HTML page. Of course like any other QR Code the data that is stored in the QR Code itself (URL in this case) can not be changed - once generated it will always point to the preset location (the location where the tracking script should be installed).

The Tracking Script does not work. What should I do?

First please read the "How the Self Hosted Tracking Works" page to make sure you understand the full process. If you experience issues with the installation of the tracking script please read the "Tracking Script Installation" page. If you still experience problems please contact us.

Can I use an existing Code with Self Hosted Tracking?

If the QR Code points to a location/domain you control you should be able to use it. In order to get it to work with our system you can create a new QR Code exactly as the one you have by using the QR Code reader - just upload the code you have there and then generate exactly the same (it will be based on the bitmatrix); don't forget to put a check-box on the "Self Hosted Tracking" while you are in the generator.

Once the QR Code is generated you can upload the picture of the one you have (assuming it was a customized code) and set the type and content of the content. If the original QR Code you have was using our (or any other) tracking or URL shortening service you can not use it for Self Hosted Tracking as it is not possible to change the data of the QR Code (the URL it contains). In some scenarios it may be still possible to use our Self Hosted Tracking but the QR Code will still show the original location when scanned and it will require two redirects to serve the content. Please contact us if you need assistance.

What are the System Requirements for the Self Hosted Tracking?

Please check the "What programming languages/environments the Self Hosted Tracking script supports?" section below.

What programming languages/environments the Self Hosted Tracking script supports?

We do provide scripts for the following environments:

  • PHP (version 4.3+) supported on Windows, UNIX and GNU/Linux using Apache or IIS
  • .NET (.NET framework 3.5+) supported on Windows using IIS. The implementation is in C#.

In case your server environment is not listed here please contact us.

How is the data retrieved?

The visits data is retrieved by the tracking system by polling the installed Self Hosted Tracking script on your server every 5 minutes. The data is protected by a Secret Key known only by the Tracking System and the installed script. There are other security considerations in the installation/configuration of the tracking script and we urge you to read our "Tracking Script Installation" page.

I think I found a bug - where should I report it?

Please report any bugs, issues or feature requests here.

I have a question that I am unable to find the answer to.

In case you need to know more details about our Self Hosted Tracking service you can read "How the Self Hosted Tracking Works" and the "Tracking Script Installation" pages. If you still can't find an answer please contact us and will be happy to help you.