QR Code Benefits

benefits of qr codesQR Codes are basically bar codes that pack a big punch. They are used to encode a 2D space which could be used in pages of a magazine, advertisements, TV or web. Your imagination really is the limit. Offline advertising space is generally expensive and a lot of marketers are not able to covey their product or message effectively in a newspaper advert. 
As a medium the QR Code takes care of this problem as it bridges the gap between the offline and online worlds.

For example a car manufacturer prints an advert in the newspaper and adds a QR Code to the mix. Scenario can be user scans the QR Code in the newspaper which takes up very little print space and the user is then taken to a mobilized site with more in-depth detail of the car. User can possibly have the option to watch a video of the car in action, download PDF Brochure, share viral pictures to Facebook, Twitter and more. There are so many options that a marketer can display behind a single code.

QR Codes are also cost effective means of marketing. People can widely download QR Codes from the internet where they can be generated for free and added to printed materials. A lot of people argue there is an expense related to QR Codes as it is best practice for the content to be mobilized, but if a company launches a new product they also need a new site or site updates so its a double edged sword.

More and more businesses are adapting to QR Codes as the invasion of smart phones has driven forward this not so new technology. Real Estate agents have also embraced this technology as it is easier for people to immediately obtain information on a neighborhood  house with simply one scan. You do not have to arrange a viewing, you can simply scan the QR Code of the property and view the online pictures/brochure and determine immediately if the property is worth wasting your time with a viewing or not. It not only saves your time but also saves valuable staffing time for the realtor.

QR Codes are here to stay, they are proving too valuable to marketers and some of the biggest brands in the world have adapted them.

QR Code Use Cases:

Tourist Information Tourist Information – Scan a Code and you have all the latest information relating to an area or attraction Museums Museums – Scan a QR Code related to a piece and receive the history of that piece or maybe a piece of audio that gives you a virtual tour
Beach Advertising Beach Advertising – Print a QR Code with a logo into pairs of flip flops and get  some eager young people to plod up and down the beach leaving an imprint of your business. Very cheap and creative method of advertising Food Products Food Products – Scan the product and get nutritional information and also recipes related to that product
Vouchers Vouchers – Scan QR Code in a supermarket and its gives you vouchers on certain products and discounts Charity Donation Charity Donation – Link your QR code to a donation button with preset amounts and people can instantly donate to your charity
Movie Previews Movie Previews – Scan the QR Code for a movie and get taken immediately to a trailer without having to search through URL's and layers of pages Paid Advertising Paid Advertising – You have space in your business for QR Codes then maybe you should think about charging for advertising on beermats for example or placeholders
Software Downloads Software Downloads – QR Code is easier to scan and takes you direct to the download link – no more searching in the app store for that product Clothing Clothing – Add QR Codes to your marketing clothing and maybe add a "Like" to your Facebook business page when the code is scanned


Out of hours shopping – Add a QR Code to each product on a shop window and customers can simply scan the code and buy the product even if the shop is closed. Take it a step further and suggest some items on a mobile site that would match the product you have just scanned. Great ROI, customer has scanned the code and bought 2 products through their mobile phone.

These are but a few examples of the benefits of QR Codes and how they may be helpful to you and your business.