What are QR Codes?

qr codes description

A QR Code which is short for (Quick Response) is a specific type of barcode which is readable by dedicated scanners which are commonly known as QR Code Readers. These Codes are readable by smart phones. The information that can be embedded in these codes can be URL, text, data, pre-formatted SMS & much more. You can even encode your Social Network handle.

QR Codes originated in Japan where they were created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994 and they were initially used for tracking vehicle parts. Since this period QR Codes have progressed and moved into mainstream markets.

Every smart phone produced after 2012 comes with a preinstalled QR Code scanner so the chances are that the people from your audience already have one and can scan codes straight away.

qr codes generation

Governments, Universities, Businesses, and many other industries have realized just how valuable and cost effective QR Codes can be as part of a marketing campaign. These days people spend more and more time using their mobile as a web browser since the invasion of the iPhone and smart phones in general on the market. Marketeers are finding the information, that they normally display, can multiply 10 fold by incorporating a QR Code in an advertising campaign.