Dynamic QR Codes

A Dynamic QR Code is a code that can have its content changed. It is important to note that the actual content of the QR Codes can not be changed, but instead the content behind the URL is changed. In this sense all tracked codes generated through the Tracking System can be dynamic. The Dynamic QR Codes may have as their content not only a URL, but plain text or HTML. When you edit a QR Code under the content section you can choose a different type of content. If you use HTML or plain text type, you don't even need to have a site or a server as the QR Code will point to this hosted content in the Tracking System. When a QR Code is generated the HTML option is not available - it becomes available (under the Text/HTML tab under Content) when the QR Code is edited.

The Dynamic QR Codes (hosted content) are available even with our Self Hosted Tracking service. In this case the tracking script contains also the hosted content and it does not depend in any way from any external service/server.

HTML content

With the HTML editor you format the text, add links and embed video and images. As this editor supports only one page the links have to lead to external sites or to anchors within the same document (there is an icon to create anchors and then in the linking window there is a dropdown to select the existing anchors). As this is only an HTML editor without File manager you can not upload videos or images but instead they have to be hosted already somewhere else (like YouTube or another site). The HTML editor will be updated in the near future; you can check the Road Map to find out about the upcoming features.

Smart Application Link

This type of content is available only for the Dynamic QR Codes (thus it always has Tracking enabled) as it contains hosted logic. This type of Codes are useful when you have an application that is available for several platforms (Android, iOS, Symbian etc.) and you need to have a QR Code linking to it. In the normal case you would need to have a QR Code for each of the application stores. Instead you can have one Smart Application Link Code that using its hosted logic to detect the device of the user and redirect him/her to the appropriate application store. In case the detection of the device fails the user will be presented with the list of the supported platforms to choose from.

The Smart Application Link is also available for the Self Hosted Tracking.

Note - some third party browsers (non default) like Firefox or Maxhton may fail to launch the Market application.