Self Hosted Tracking

When your QR Code is scanned, if you wish to have your domain name displayed instead of the domain of our tracking service, you need to use our Self Hosted Tracking service. To find out more why you would prefer to have your domain name displayed, please check our FAQ. To learn all the internals on how the Self Hosted Tracking works you can read our "How the Self Hosted Tracking works" page and the "Tracking Script Installation" for details about the tracking script.

The Self Hosted Tracking option is available to our Advanced and Enterprise packages. To have it enabled for your account, please contact us. You must have it enabled in order to see the options described below on the QR Code Generator page.

How Self Hosted Tracking Works

Before you generate a QR Code that will use our Self Hosted Tracking, you need to define two URLs for your mobile site/campaign:

  • The first URL is the main URL of your campaign - this could be
  • The second URL is the URL, where the Self Hosted Tracking script will be installed and the actual URL that will be displayed to your clients, when they scan the code - this could be

When you go to the generator you have to:

  • Make sure that the Self Hosted Tracking checkbox is ticked.
  • Set the Secret Key that will be used for data retrieval
  • Set the Website URL to point to the URL on your server, where the tracking script will be installed

Then you can click Generate. This will create the QR Code and redirect you to the Edit Content screen, where you have to set the actual content of the QR Code. After you save the content, you will be prompted to download the tracking script - do this by clicking on the icon of the programming language that your server supports (at the moment PHP and .NET are supported).

When you have downloaded the script, you should upload it on your server under the location of the second URL. If you have issues, please check our installation instructions here. After this step the installation of the Self Hosted Tracking should be complete. You can start using the QR Code and from now on our tracking system will poll your server (at the location where you installed the tracking code) to retrieve and process the latest visits data every 5 minutes. Important - if you would like to change the Secret Key or the content (URL) of the QR Code after you save the changes, you will need to download and install again the Self Hosted Tracking script.

By having two URLs - one for the campaign itself and one for the visitors that arrive by scanning a QR Code - you can have dedicated statistics for the QR Code visitors. Our system provides analytics data that is specific to the mobile users - like carrier data (mobile operator), device name/brand and operating system. For the main site/campaign you can use your own analytic tools or standard third party tools like Google Analytics.

It is also possible to have the QR Code traffic in Google Analytics separated from the other sources. To have it separated in a campaign, you have to tag the URL using the Google's URL Builder. This means that instead of having the tracking URL redirecting to http://yourdomain/campaign/ you will have to change it  to .

Note - Geolocation service is not yet available for the QR Codes, that use Self Hosted Tracking. We will be adding this option soon; you can check our Road Map.

For more information please check: