Custom QR Codes

What are the custom QR Codes?

The Custom QR Codes are QR Codes that were redesigned to some extend. The design changes may be as little as changing the color or as much as totally redesigning every shape of the QR Code and embedding a logo or another image within it. During the design process the QR Code is tested for readability. Because of this the Custom QR Codes are fully functional as the normal QR Codes but their advantage is that they are much more appealing to the eye. A Custom QR Code has a higher chance to be noticed and scanned.

Why customization is possible?

As the QR Codes have error correction, it is possible to make changes to the structure and even remove or overlap parts of the QR Code without harming its readability. It is important that the big square markers are not removed; their color and shape can be changed to some extend. See the QR Code Generator FAQ for more details on the error correction. Of course the customized QR Codes still have to adhere to the basic rule that the foreground color has to be darker than the background one.

How to get a Code customized?

While our QR Code Generator allows for some customization to be applied (by setting the colors and the shapes of the building blocks on the QR Codes or incorporating your logo), further customization like applying a completely different design, has to be done manually. We offer the service of Custom QR Codes Design both in Raster and Vector (suitable for print) formats.

To request a quote for QR Code customization just go to the Custom QR Codes form. You can also have an existing QR Code in the Tracking System customized. To send a request for quote for an existing QR Code please click "Request Customization" button from the Edit QR Code page.

If you have a Customized QR Code, you can import it back into the system (replacing the plain one with the customized one) by uploading a PNG version of the customized Code in the Edit QR Code page under "QR Code Appearance" section using the "Upload Image" field.

Note - once the QR Code is done, its content can not be changed unless a Dynamic QR Code is used.