Let Your QR Codes Speak for Your Brand


One of the many challenges of coming up with a QR code marketing campaign is making sure that your QR codes speak for your brand. As with any marketing initiative, you should always protect what your brand stands for and what its message is.

Like many successful products and companies out there, you must have spent a lot of money and time on perfecting your brand, its characteristics and its message.

There is no reason why you should neglect your branding, especially with your QR code campaign.

1. Use a customized QR code.

The traditional black and white QR codes can convey a lot of things, but not a single one of these are exciting and good for your brand. It is very generic, boring and, yes, ugly.

The good news is that you could spruce up your QR code and make it come alive with your brand's colors.

Take a look at this customized QR code we made for Google Play:

Customized QR Codes

With a customized QR code, you not only get to avoid boring old monochromatic QR codes, but you also catch people's attention with the splash of colors. Most importantly, your QR codes can mimic what your brand looks like, including your brand colors and brand characteristics.

You can also customize your QR codes to make it more relevant to what you do. Look at this example, which would be perfect for food businesses and restaurants:

customized qr codes

Or this one, which not only puts up the company's logo, but also reflects the values and characteristics of its brand: youthful, quirky and non-conventional.

Customized QR Codes

Customizing your QR codes will never be easy, but you can get a lot of benefits from doing it. Apart from helping you get your brand message across easily, it can also give you a higher scan rate than if you use traditional black and white QR codes.

Work with a company that can combine both the technical aspects of a QR code and the artistry needed to create a functional yet beautiful custom QR code. Call AzonMobile now.

2. Do not forget that QR code marketing involves content too.

Remember that content plays a very important part in all marketing campaigns. So how about using content that talks directly about your brand?

QR code marketing is not just about the QR code, but also about the content you put behind it. A good example of what we are talking about is Victoria’s Secret's sexy QR code campaign:

Victoria’s Secret has always been known to be naughty and playful. They are also known for being sexy and risqué.

And this whole QR code campaign does not disappoint.

Strategically placed Victoria’s Secret QR codes entice people to scan them, revealing the models wearing VS products. After you see the full picture, you have the option to stay and browse their mobile site to buy the products they have featured in the billboards or other products that they have.

What do you get? A memorable QR code marketing campaign that people would not be able to forget for a very long time. What’s more, people will always associate it with you because it speaks so close to what your brand stands for!