Road Map

Version 1.1 (TBD)

  • Enable Bulk Generation of QR Codes with self hosted tracking
  • Add US Census data statistics
  • Document the API

Version 1.2 (TBD)

  • Enable Geolocation for the QR Codes that use Self Hosted Tracking
  • Add unified mobile application link as content type for QR Codes. With this option the tracking script will detect the mobile device and redirect to the appropriate Application Store.
  • Add plugin to the HTML editor in the QR Code content to enable embedding of social networking tools
  • Translation to Arabic language
  • Translation to German language

Version 1.3 (TBD)

  • Support for more environments for the Self Hosted tracking
  • Side-by-side comparison of the pie charts for the QR Codes (not just aggregate data)

Version 2 (TBD)

  • Add Mobile Builder for building static template based mobile web sites

Note - the dates and content of this document are subject to change without notice.