Three Ways to Make Your Product Indispensable with QR Codes

17/04/2014 10:04

QR codes are not only a marketing tool that allows you to give your customers and potential buyers information about your products and services, but also facts about how your products can fit their lifestyle.

Marketing is all about making your customers feel that they need your product so they buy it because they need it and not just because they want it. This way, they keep on buying your product over time.

And this is where QR codes help you. In fact, if you can pull it off, QR codes can provide you a great way to make your customers need your product. How?

1. Make sure that your customers know how to use your product.

Create videos showing your customers how to use your product and put the link to these videos behind a QR code. This is a good way to make sure that they are using their products right. You could also make it easier for your customers to access other instructional materials, such as manuals and instruction guides.

Another good example is a QR code that leads to cooking videos. If you sell food products, you can have a cooking demonstration that makes use of your products as one of the ingredients. If your customers love the dish and it is very easy to do and learn, then you can be sure that you have just snagged more sales.

If you sell DIY furniture, you might want to film a video on how to assemble it properly. This should be easier to follow than a series of illustrations.

QR Codes Leading to Videos

2. Suggest other ways of using your product.

Sometimes your products may be used for other things, so make sure that you have a video about that too. For example, if you sell baking soda, then you can show people how to use baking soda other than for baking. Like you can show them how to use baking soda in keeping your room odor-free or in cleaning your bathroom fixtures. You can even use baking soda to create a wonderful centerpiece for your table. All you have to do is to find great uses for your product and create videos or instructional guides for it. And put it behind a QR code.

3. Pair your product with others.

A good way to make sure that your customers would find your product indispensable is to pair it with other products that are more established. For example, if you sell mobile phone accessories, show your customers how your accessories go well with the latest smartphones. Or perhaps, if you sell bread, show them how these go well with coffee or cold milk.

QR codes are great tools for your marketing if you only take time to think about the content that you put behind them. So do not take the shortcut. As a business owner, you are the one who knows your products best and what the benefits of using these products are. So be sure to brainstorm, and create funny, entertaining and informative videos and your products would soon have a loyal following! And at the center of all that are QR codes!