Release - BETA is almost over!

05/06/2013 13:08

It has been a busy few months here at The team has been working day and night to bring you some fantastic features, which
we are sure you will love!

Just to give you a heads up where we are, we are almost out of BETA. One more week and we are confident the system will be very stable
and functional for you guys to build some stunning looking mobile sites, and some stunning custom QR Codes to accompany your mobile site.

To date we have added updated the following Modules:-

Custom QR Code Generator

We are confident to announce the new custom QR Code generator is the most advanced on the market giving the ability to
generate stunning custom QR Codes. We have different variations of custom QR Codes; the first type allows you to adjust any part of the QR Code
including the body shape, eye borders, eye centers and you can also embed a logo. You also have the ability change the color of each part of the
QR Code. Keep in mind these custom codes do not support vector logo upload currently. We are working on that update.

The second type of QR Code generation is really very funky, you can overlay a QR Code on an image. In the generator if you select body shape and
then under body shape select either blended square or blended circle, you can upload an image and then overlay a QR Code on the image and move it anywhere on the image.
It is ideal for print marketing and advertising campaigns.

Check it out, we are sure you will love the updates.

Mobile Web Builder

This is the major update we have made to the platform as you already probably are aware. We are still fine tuning the mobile web builder to bring you the
most functional builder available on the web. We have just added sub-domains to the platform, which is ideal for people who do not want to register a
domain name but would like to a mobile presence. Sub-domain functionality is also free and unlike our competitors we do not restrict you with any of the elements
in the free version. We have just added sub page also which gives you more of a CMS type feel to the builder allowing internal linking between pages.

In the Pipeline

We are bursting at the seams with ideas to make this platform even more awesome. To give you an idea of what we have in store for our users in the coming months
we will be adding the following:-

- Custom forms
- Menus for restaurants
- Uploading of flat file from photoshop and adding dynamic points to the image which will
allow you to build completely customizable sites
- Export of site both static and dynamic
- Addition of Chinese and Spanish language

We look forward to giving you the best product available!

The team :