How the Self Hosted Tracking Works?

Generating the QR Code

The Self Hosted Tracking works by generating a QR Code that points to a location on your domain. Then you have to download a small script that you have to install on your server in the same location where you pointed the QR Code initially. This script logs all visits and serves the content to the client browser depending of the QR Code type - by redirecting the visitor to a URL or by providing a text or HTML page. The visits data is kept on files in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format on your server and during the operation the script does not contact any external service. This means that you are totally independent from external systems in case such goes down. The provided script is not obfuscated so it can be inspected by your administrators/security officers or even modified (although we do not support modifications made from third parties we offer services for custom needs). The system can provide tracking scripts for different programming languages/environments (click here for a list of the supported environment) and you have to choose the one that matches your setup (in case your server environment is not supported please contact us).

Retrieving the Data

After the self hosted QR Code is generated the tracking system will start polling your server at the provided location (the location where the QR Code points to and where you should upload the tracking script) at 5 minutes intervals. Immediately after you upload the tracking script the statistics will become available. The server will keep retrieving data from the tracking script for as long as the script stays on your server or until you delete the QR Code from the tracking system. The statistics data gathered by the tracking script is retrieved by the system by providing a Secret Key that is known only to the tracking system and the tracking script on your server. The tracking system sends a request like "http://yourdomain/campaign/?access_key=YOURSECRET" and during this request the tracking script responds by outputting the CSV data. Then the tracking scripts flushes its storage (by deleting or archiving/renaming the CSV file) and continues operation by saving the new visits until the next request from the tracking system.To find out more about the exact setup and the required steps to ensure the security please read our "Tracking Script Installation" page.

In regards to the produced graphs and statistics there is no difference between the normally tracked QR Codes and the self hosted tracking. To find out the exact steps and requirements to generate a QR code with self hosted tracking please go to the "Self Hosted Tracking" page. To find out why you would consider using the Self Hosted Tracking please check the FAQ.

Note - If you need to change the Secret Key or the hosted content of the QR Code after you do  this and save the changes in the tracking system you have to download again the tracking script and reinstall it on your server.