Custom QR Codes

Why you would use a customized qr code instead of plain one?

Custom QR Codes that work!

Normal QR Codes are pretty bland, boring and can be rather harsh on the eye. Once upon a time we took your current branding and integrated it with QR Codes manually to enhance your mobile marketing campaign.

This is now all a thing of the past. We have created the most cutting edged Custom QR Code Generator on the market, so you can create by yourself stunning Custom QR Codes in literally seconds.

You can choose from different body shapes, eye borders, eye centers and even drop in your logo and add a twist of color to the codes. Custom Raster QR Codes are FREE.


Custom QR Code GeneratorCustom QR Code Generator

Custom QR Code GeneratorCustom QR Code Generator

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Custom QR Code ExampleIf you do need some custom codes that you consider outside the realm of our generator then please get in touch. If you need custom QR Codes integrated into your print advertising we would be delighted to help.

We have a very talented team of graphic designers who are very aware of branding and can offer you the best in cutting edge design. We know the boundaries of QR Codes and where they break.

We not only design Custom QR Codes but our Codes are put through a rigorous testing cycle and we test on a wide variety of platforms and handsets. Some of the brands we work with, who appreciate our work include Heineken, Warner Bros & Starwood Hotels group just to name a few.

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It has been proven that Custom QR Codes provide a higher scan rate than normal Black and white QR Codes.

At AzonMobile, we pride ourselves on offering the most creative and functional QR Codes on the market.

We have a highly accomplished team of Designers who are fully proficient in both Design & QR Code Technology. Unless we are 100% happy with the Code ourselves we do not release them to the client until they pass our internal approval process.

From ordering through to delivery the period of turnaround is roughly 4 days or so. For urgent work please specify this when contacting us and we will do our utmost to deliver your project on time.

Feel free to call us if you want to discuss your needs over the phone. We love to talk QR Codes!

If you already have all the requirements and related graphic materials you can directly Request a Quote for QR Code Customization.

See our Featured Custom QR Codes gallery!