SEO Best Practices for HTML5


One thing that a lot of business owners are thinking about HTML5 mobile Web sites is that you do not need to do SEO work on it.

This thinking is dangerously wrong.

The simple fact of the matter is, the only people that would know about your mobile Web site are you and your employees. Your customers and potential clients might not have an inkling that you do offer a mobile version of your site, much less how to find it.

That is why SEO is very important. You need your site, whether it is the mobile or desktop version, to come out on top of search engines. And to achieve that, you must make sure that it is properly optimized for search engines.

So if you have an HTML5 site, what should you do with regard to SEO?

First, let's talk about what HTML5 brings. HTML5 allows you to greatly improve on user experience and usability. It also allows you to add audio, video and other elements to your mobile Web site easily and without fuss. But most importantly, HTML5 is innately SEO-friendly.

SEO Best Practices for HTML5

So how should you move forward with your HTML5 site's SEO?

1. Take note of the following tags as they are very likely to influence your search engine rankings:

  • <article>
  • <section>
  • <header>
  • <hgroup>
  • <footer>
  • <nav>
  • <aside>
  • <video>

These new tags identify your content, telling the search engine spiders what types of content you have on your page. These tags would act in the same manner as heading tags do. Right now, search engines are putting more importance on words that are enclosed in heading tags, and we are thinking that it would be the same for these new tags.

2. HTML5 allows you to trim your code.

Written properly, HTML5 can significantly reduce the amount of HTML code you need for your mobile Web site. Take advantage of this! The smaller your HTML document is, the faster it loads.

The speed at which a page loads is a strong ranking factor!

So if you use HTML5, be sure to be familiar with all the new tags, so that you could easily avoid bloating your code and have a faster mobile Web site.

3. Better user experience.

One of the things that Google and other search engines consider when it comes to ranking your site is user experience. And HTML5 can greatly improve on this area!

4. Do what you have always done.

The old way of doing SEO still works even for HTML5 mobile Web sites! So you would be good if you continue doing the same things you have done to improve your search results.

More importantly, you would still need to come up with great content for your HTML5 site. You may have the flashiest mobile Web site in cyberspace and no one would still visit you nor would you rank highly on search engines if you do not have interesting content that your visitors could read, enjoy or learn from!

The best thing about using HTML5 is that it makes things come out naturally. In order to come up with a great HTML5 site, you would need to know the tags and the changes in the new HTML language. With this, you would be building mobile Web sites that are beautiful and functional and ready for SEO.