How to Get the Best Content for Your Mobile Web Site


Content for your mobile Web site is still the top indicator of whether it would succeed or not.

Without good content, it would not matter if you have a great looking mobile Web site, or if you have one that is very professionally done. Only a few people will visit your site and nobody would come back.

So what makes great content for mobile Web sites? Here are some guidelines:

1. Simply put, good content is informative, educational and entertaining.

Great content should leave your readers very satisfied. If they came to your site looking for information, then they should be able to find that information easily. What's more, great content is something that would help convince them to come back to your mobile Web site in the future.

2. Good content is social.

Having informative, entertaining and educational content is good not only for luring people into visiting your site, but also in making it shareable. If somebody likes your content, he or she is more likely to share this with his or her friends.

3. Good content for mobile Web sites is short and direct to the point.

You have to understand that people who are looking at your mobile Web site behave differently from those who are using a laptop or desktop computer to search for information.

To simplify this, let us cite an example.

For instance, you own a restaurant and have a mobile Web site and a traditional Web site. People who are looking at your Web site using their desktop computer at home are more likely looking for new restaurants to try later. They want pictures of your food, as well as reviews from customers, and other content that would encourage them to head over to your restaurant and try your food.

On the other hand, those who are using their mobile devices to access your mobile Web site are probably hungry people who are looking for a restaurant ASAP. As such, they want maps, phones numbers and addresses, instead of photos and articles.

In other words, a user looking at your mobile Web site is someone who is on the go and would need information fast!

You should be able to give different visitors different kinds of content depending on where they are viewing your Web site.

How to Get the Best Content for Your Mobile Web Site

Layout matters, too!

But do not stop at just writing great content. How you layout your content also matters. This is different from your mobile Web site's layout where you have minimalistic navigation, single columns and other elements of good mobile Web design.

When you post your content, you should make sure that it is easily readable. For one, do not use fonts that are too ornate nor should you use small font sizes. If possible, use lists instead of having to write long paragraphs.

Structure your content properly as well. Use headings and subheadings to give your readers an idea of what you are talking about.

Be straight and direct to the point. Flowery words that do nothing but fluff your content simply have no place in your mobile Web site.