The Ultimate Guide to Using QR Codes for Your Marketing


AzonMobile has been bringing you tips and strategies to ensure that you are on the right track with your QR code campaigns. But we are sure that you would appreciate having all of these in one place.

That is the reason why we have created this ultimate guide to help you come up with a successful QR code marketing strategy. Treat it as a checklist for everything you need when using QR codes.

Use a great QR code generator to come up with a great QR code. Right now, there are QR code generators that allow you to customize your QR codes easily, while also being very flexible to support your content.

qr code checklist

Find out how to choose a great QR code generator here:

QR Codes Best Practices: How To Have a Great QR Code

There are six non-negotiables when it comes to using QR codes for your marketing. These are:

a. Putting up scanning instructions with your QR code.

b. Making sure you have great content behind your QR code.

c. Making sure that your QR codes lead to mobile-optimized content. If it leads to your Web site, be sure that you have a mobile-optimized one ready for your customers.

d. Printing a QR code out and then testing it before putting it on your marketing materials. Always test your QR code to ensure that it works.

e. Testing each and every aspect of your campaign. From the placement of your QR codes and marketing materials, to using different mobile devices and various scanning apps, you should test them to ensure that everything goes well.

f. Always tracking and measuring your results. This way, you would know if your QR code campaign is succeeding and meeting your expectations, or if you need to improve on a certain aspect of your campaign.

What else should you remember?

That's it! Be sure to follow these tips and you can be sure that your QR code marketing campaigns are on the right track. Good luck!