Your Customers Buy from Your Mobile Web Sites


Mobile Web sites are a great way to sell your products and services. Smartphones are everywhere and more and more people are buying them. The same goes for tablets.

You might think that people are just using their smartphones and tablets to play games, but you are wrong. In fact, when it comes to mobile shopping, it is estimated that six out of seven smartphone and tablet owners are going to use their mobile devices to shop this year.

eMarketer estimates that mobile shopping will contribute more than $38 billion in sales, representing 15% of all e-commerce sales. Most people are going to use their smartphones to do their mobile shopping, with close to 2/3s preferring to use tablets to purchase something.

As for the actual devices used, consumers are divided. Android tablet users reported the highest percentage of satisfied shoppers, with 67% saying that they had a good experience shopping with their devices. Android phone users, however, were not so satisfied with only 57% of them reporting a satisfying experience using mobile Web sites to shop. Overall, 2 out of every 3 mobile shoppers report a satisfying experience with their mobile devices.

Just how much are people spending with mobile shopping? The Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey reported very encouraging results. Close to half reported that they spent up to $249 shopping with their mobile phones. Another 27% reported spending between $250 to $499, while 17% reported that they spend at least $500 to $749. Further, 12% reported that they spent at least $750 or more shopping with their mobile devices.

What are most people buying online? Here is a breakdown of the most popular products:

  • Shoes, jewelry and clothes: 51%
  • Magazines, newspapers and books: 48%
  • Music, games and movies: 47%.

Here's a surprise: Only 37% of mobile shoppers use a mobile app to shop. Most used a Web site, with 33% saying they preferred mobile Web sites and another 30% saying they used regular Web sites.

But how do you persuade your customers to buy? Here are some tips:

  1. Put product description and prices. More than 53% of Adobe's respondents say that product and price information helped them decide to purchase using mobile Web sites.
  2. Make your checkout process easier. Having an easy checkout process is very important especially on mobile devices. This is because most mobile users are on the go and in a hurry. Having fewer steps in your checkout process will help ensure they do not abandon the purchase midway.
  3. Include customer feedback. Reviews and ratings from other customers would be helpful to persuade your customers to buy. If real people tell them that the product or service is worth their money, they are more likely to buy it.



Other things that can help you:

Make keyword search available for your site. This will help people find their desired products easily.

Online product comparisons would also be a good idea. For example, allow people to compare two different mobile phones, and let them see their features side by side.

Provide product tours, demos, 360-degree views and other visual information.

Offer discounts, specials, coupons and promotions to drive traffic to your mobile Web site.