Survey Says 60% Are Satisfied with Mobile Web Sites


The Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey can give you pretty valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of today’s mobile users.  The survey asked respondents several questions about their mobile usage. For today, let us look at what the survey found out with regard to user experience on mobile Web sites.

Today's Users Are Happy with Mobile Web Sites

The good news is only 1% of all respondents were not satisfied with their experience with either a mobile app or a mobile Web site.

According to the study, 3 out of every 5 people were actually happy with the way mobile apps and mobile Web sites are built. But that number could be higher as 38% were "neutral" or answered that they didn't have any thoughts about how satisfied they were with a mobile app or a mobile Web site.


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What do all these mean for you when you come to the point of designing a mobile Web site?

With the tools that you have now, it is quite easy to create mobile Web sites that incorporate the best practices. For example, using AzonMobile's mobile Web builder service, you only need to drag and drop elements you want to include into the mobile Web site you are creating. Our tool would take care of everything else, including making sure that your mobile Web site displays properly on any screen, or on any device.

As such, very few of your customers would be dissatisfied if they visit your mobile Web sites.

However, it seems that the story does not end there. You would need to offer your customers something extra to get their attention. You need to give them something unique, something truly useful or something that would make your mobile Web site stand out from what is currently available. This way, you could give them a better user experience.

Mobile Web Sites vs. Mobile Apps

The good news is that both mobile apps and mobile Web sites now deliver the same level of satisfaction for your visitors. It used to be that marketers preferred mobile apps because most people find these easier to use than mobile sites. But that is not the case anymore.

In fact, in this day and age, people are preferring mobile Web sites more than mobile apps. The Adobe study found out that 58% of respondents wanted to see a mobile-optimized Web site or a regular Web site while using their mobile devices, while 42% preferred to use apps instead.

But what are your customers looking for in your mobile Web sites?

The researchers asked the respondents what aspects of mobile Web sites would they want to see improved.

One out of every four respondents said that they would like marketers to make their mobile Web sites easier to use, while 19% wished that mobile Web sites could be faster.

Other suggestions include:

  • Improving visual quality
  • Improving the mobile Web site's stability
  • Having more content
  • Improving the readability of the text
  • Having less advertising
  • Having more free content on the mobile Web site.