Is That a QR Code?


AzonMobile knows that for a QR code marketing campaign to succeed, you need to carefully think about what to put behind it. Content is king even in QR code marketing strategies. But how do you get people to scan your QR code in order for them to get to your content?

Putting up instructions is a good idea. Tell people about your QR code, how to scan it and what they stand to benefit from scanning the code.

Or pull out all stops and think out of the box. Your creativity would certainly come a long way when it comes to making your customers notice.

We could help.

Here is a list of some of the most unusual QR codes we have ever seen to help you get those creative juices flowing.

1. Pizza Digitale

Scholz & Friends Hamburg GmbH is one of the largest advertising agencies in the whole of Europe. They decided they were short of personnel and wanted to hire experienced creatives. The only way to get them were from other agencies, and we all know that pirating ain't that easy.

So what do they do? They teamed up with Croque Master, a pizza delivery service in the area. For a month, they gave out special pizzas – pizza with QR code toppings – to employees at other advertising agencies who ordered pizzas via Croque Master.

When these people scanned the QR code, they were given more information about the job vacancies at Scholz and Friends.

Did it work? The agency was able to hire two new employees from the 12 applicants they got after the campaign. 

2. QR Codes on Dresses

There are a lot of fashion items that feature a QR code on the tags. But if you are getting tired of the same old QR-code-printed-on-a-t-shirt or the QR-code-on-shirt-labels idea, then take your cue from Thorunn Arnadottir, a designer who used Swarovski crystals to incorporate QR codes into her clothes.

The QR coded dress was worn by Kali from Iceland's Steed Lord musical group.

The overall design looked part-tribal and part-African, and it looked amazing.

Curious as to where the QR codes lead to? The various codes linked out to the band's videos, photos, music sites and even an animation showing the QR code itself.

3. Time Limited QR Code from eMart

South Korea is the birthplace of the widely talked about shopping wall created by Tesco. Is it any wonder that other retailers are also using QR codes over there?

Another notable QR code campaign from South Korea closely mimics a sundial. A local retailer created a 3D QR code that can only be scanned successfully when the sun is at its peak during lunch hour.

If you are asking why any retailer would want to go through all that trouble of creating a three-dimensional code only to impose a time limit for scanning it, it is because e-Mart only wanted the lunch crowd.

The idea is simple: Allow customers to scan the QR code between 12 noon to 1 p.m. Scanning the code allows them to avail of a special discount, and that should be enough encouragement for them to get into the store.

So, have these examples helped? AzonMobile hopes so. If you come up with a unique QR code strategy, tell us all about it!