Geolocation Tracking

Geolocation Tracking presents you with the opportunity to find the exact location where your QR Code was scanned. This can give you information down to street level and capture every single scan. To enable Geolocation when you generate or edit a QR Code, put a tick over the "Request Exact Location" box.

How it works?

As per the normal tracking for this to work the client has to load the URL from the QR Code. Once the user does this, if his/her device supports the Geolocation API, he/she will be presented with a dialog does he want to disclose his location (for privacy reasons client consent is required for this feature to work). The popup may not appear, if the client has saved as a preference to always disclose or always deny). If the client confirms the device, it will try to obtain his location and send it to the server. As a fallback option in case the client just leaves the dialog open the system can serve the content (redirect to the end point URL) automatically without waiting for an answer. To enable this option when generating or editing the QR Code, put a tick over "Geolocation Popup Redirect".

The location of the user is obtained by using:

  • The GPS of the device (if present)
  • GSM network cells
  • Nearby WiFi Access Points (if present)
  • IP address

When shall I use it?

While everybody would prefer to have as much possible statistical information, this doesn't mean you should enable it for all your QR Codes. Instead most of the campaigns will be on fixed locations that you already know; Geolocation should be enabled when you need to know the exact location of the user for your business logic or statistics. As explained in the "How it works" section, when Geolocation is enabled, the user will be presented with a popup box requesting his location. Some users may be surprised by this message and instead of confirm/deny or just leave it for few seconds may close the browser window. That is why we recommend to enable the Geolocation only for the campaigns, where you really need it (and maybe the users expect it).


The Geolocation tracking feature is not yet available for the QR Codes that use Self Hosted Tracking.