QR Code tips


For people in the marketing industry, it is important to keep up with the latest trends that are drawing customers and clients to their websites. In the long run, you want to make sure that you keep up a modern, and interesting self image that can change the way people feel about your brand, your product, and what you say about them and to them. For the most part, many marketing professionals have been learning about QR code tips. This is the newest marketing tool, and it is here to stay.

Mobile Site

One of the most important QR code tips is to make sure that you have the website that you want the code to direct clients and customers to. This has to be a website that actually does your business a favor. For example, say that you have a business that sells shoes. On your advertisement, you can ask readers to scan the QR code to learn more about the different shoes that you sell. This sounds like a great way to use this marketing code. What happens, however, when they scan your code and they are taken to an ordering site? They probably are going to feel betrayed. In other words, make sure that your QR code campaign does exactly what you promise.

Also very important is this website to be optimized for mobile devices. The mobile devices have much smaller screens than the ordinary computer screens and in general have a different user experience. Make sure the web site where the QR Code leads to is mobilized - this can make the difference between the success and the failure of the campaign.

How to get the people to scan the code?

The first thing is to attract peoples attention, do it with a Customized QR Code. These codes work like the normal plain black and white QR Codes except they are visually much more appealing - they can have different colors, shapes, embedded pictures and customized to become a piece of art.

Another important thing is to give a hint to the users to what content the QR code leads. That said you can embed your logo in the QR Code - this will give the first hint to the users. Second when they scan the code the readers usually show the link and wait for the user to confirm to open it. Many campaigns use some sort of analytics or tracking systems like bit.ly that use URL shortening, while this has its benefits it has one drawback - link like http://bit.ly/fn4R it doesnt give the user an idea about the content. If there is no other information around the QR code you should consider the option to point the QR Code directly to your campaign on your site like http://your-brand.com/product-campaign/ - seeing this the users will have a much higher confidence and will trigger their interest.

Using QR Codes

As the QR Codes are usually  used as a bridge between offline and online media you most probably are going to print them. Printing on paper, billboard, plastic or clothing - there are some important things to know on what format you should use, what size and important facts about the readability. You can find all this in the "Tips for printing QR Codes" article.

All of the good QR code tips are designed to help you appeal to your mobile users. Remember that the same rules of good marketing apply, and that you should always find your customers where they are likely to be. Place your code in magazines and on websites where your customers are likely to be reading about the issues that interest them.