QR Codes Best Practices: How to Have a GREAT QR Code


QR codes are being used for just about anything now. From marketing to education to health care to packaging, you are sure to find a QR code that serves one purpose or another.

As a business owner, you have a lot of options when it comes to getting a QR code generator to help you come up with a QR code.

Admittedly, there are a lot of free QR code generators out there. But contrary to what you think, not all generators offer the same features.

What should you look for in a QR code generator?

1. It should support your content. There are QR code generators that limit the choices of content that you can put behind it. For example, some generators only allow you to input a URL to a Web page.

Choose a generator that would allow you to generate QR codes for a wide variety of purposes. For example, BeQRious' QR code generator allows you to create QR codes that resolve to URLs, view YouTube videos, send an e-mail, call a phone number, or share your contact details, among others.

2. It should allow you to customize your codes.

A good QR code generator should also have options that allow you to pick different colors for your code. So, if you want to use your brand's colors, you can do so.

Our QR code generator allows you to select your own colors and even allows you to include a small graphic within your QR code.

But if that is not enough customization for you, why not consider a custom QR code for your campaign?

3. Use a QR code generator that could help you track your marketing efforts.

You should never use a QR code without the ability for you to track it. If you do, you are missing out on a lot of valuable data that you could use to improve your campaigns.

So see if the QR code generator you are considering allows you to track your QR codes or not. Chances are, most of the free generators will not have this feature!