Sub Users

Sub User

The creation of Sub Users and permissions setting are available to the Enterprise Package. By creating additional users and managing their permissions you can give managed access to multiple employees within your organization or your partners. Using the permissions you can isolate the users from the different departments by forming groups of campaigns/QR Codes that are accessible only to certain users.

Creating Sub Users

You can create new users straight from the Dashboard after you login. The sub users creation form is almost identical to the form used to manage your profile. The username of the new user always starts with your username followed by the '|' symbol. The timezone and location dropdowns are preset based on the guessed location by your IP. Only the account administrator can create new users.

Managing the Permissions

After the user is created you have to grant him/her some permissions otherwise when they log in, the user will not be able to see anything. After the user is created, you will be redirected to the page, where you can edit his/her permissions (it is also accessible by clicking the permissions icon while on the Sub Users page). On the Permissions page you set Read and Write permissions per campaign. The permissions set for a campaign are valid for QR Codes within the campaign. If a QR Code is moved from one campaign to another, the QR Code's permissions will automatically get set for this campaign. If a sub user creates a new Campaign or generates a new QR Code, the new object will be readable and writable only by this user and the account administrator. It does not matter if the the user has any Read or Write permissions set for the existing content, the user can always create new Campaigns and generate new QR Codes within them. The account administrator will also see a permissions icon right next to each campaign when listing all campaigns. When clicked, it will load the Permissions page for the chosen Campaign. There will be listed all users, that this account has, and for each user can be granted or revoked the Read and Write permissions. Only the account administrator can set the permissions of the Sub Users and the Campaigns.