Bulk Import/Generation

The Bulk Import & Generation should be used when you need to create a large number of QR Codes. This will save you time and automate the process.

Input format

The system accepts CSV (Comma Separated Values)  files import. For each line in the imported file a QR Code with the provided data will be generated. The input format (columns) should be:

  1. QR code data (mandatory, string value)
  2. Use tracking (optional, accepts \'1\',\'y\',\'0\' or \'n\', defaults to \'1\')
  3. Error Correction (optional, accepts character value of \'H\',\'Q\',\'M\' or \'L\', defaults to \'Q\')
  4. QR code name (optional string value, generated automatically)
  5. Block size (optional integer value, default 20 pixels)
  6. Border size (optional integer value, default 2 blocks)
  7. Foreground color in HEX - (optional hexadecimal value, defaults to #000000 - black)
  8. Background color in HEX - (optional hexadecimal value, defaults to #FFFFFF - white)
  9. Block style as integer - (optional integer value, defaults to 1 - square, accepts 1 for square shape, 2 for rounded shape, 3 for circular shape)

You can download a sample CSV file here.

The new line character of the file can be either Windows or MAC OS X (UNIX) - the system will recognize it and process the file correctly.

The import files MUST be in UTF-8 encoding. To save a file in UTF-8 in Windows OS please use UNICODE from the dropdown in the "Save As" menu of the spreadsheet software.

How to create a CSV file?

To create the CSV file you can use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice.org Calc. In the spreadsheet program you should create the columns as described above and choose Export then choose the CSV format. If export options are present, choose the separator to be the comma sign (','), the values should not be enclosed by any characters and the row separator to be New Line (no matter Windows or MAC OS X format).

Limitations of the Bulk Import

At the moment the Bulk Import & Generation does not support the creation of QR Codes that use our Self Hosted Tracking service or Geolocation Tracking. These features will be added in future - please check our Road Map.