QR Code Tracking List of Features

To view the available packages and their features see Pricing. If you just want to look at the system sign up for our Basic package which is free for personal use.


Comprehensive Generator Comprehensive Generator
Generate high quality QR Codes in SVG format which are suitable for high quality print and usage. Add background and foreground images for the raster formats. Choose from multiple styles and shapes. Generate more than 15 types of content.
QR Code Tracking  QR Tracking
Track your customers movements in real time. Multitude of statistics available including Country and City information, Device and Brand information, Carrier Data, Campaign Comparison & much more. USA Census data is also available.

QR Code Reader QR Code Reader
Regenerate low Quality QR Codes, simply import the QR Code into the system and regenerate as a vector. You also have ability to add styles and color to the regenerated QR Code.
Analytics Options Analytics Options
There are no limits on scans for any package. Export graphs as images. Create powerful reports. Create custom graphs giving you the flexibility to choose which options you need reporting on.

Self Hosted Tracking Self Hosted Tracking
Track direct urls, no need for url shortening which sometimes confuses people. The tracking script is installed on your server which has a number of advantages. No dependency on 3rd party systems with automatic data retrieval. Available worldwide.

Geolocation Tracking Geolocation Tracking
Drill down to street level using our comprehensive Tracking system. Geolocation can be turned on and off with a fallback feature.
QR Management QR Management
A rich QR management system which allows you to bulk export your QR Codes, Bulk import and generation. Campaign Management for QR Codes. Output multiple formats including 3 Raster, 3 Vector & Bit Matrix.

Permissions Users Permissions Users
Create subusers and assign permissions to users and campaigns. Isolate the users of your departments from each other.
Integrate your website or desktop application with AzonMobile.com. All the functionality, including QR Code generation, tracking and management, and  all the tracking data is available through our API.
Mobile Web Mobile Web
Create stunning HTML5 style sites packed with fantastic features.