What are the system requirements of the tracking system?

The tracking system works with the following browsers:

  • Firefox 3.6 or higher (older versions also work with the exception of graphs export to images)
  • Chrome 10 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 9 or higher (Internet Explorer 8 also works with the exception of graphs export to images)
  • Safari 5 or higher
  • Opera 11 or higher

You will also need to have:

  • Java Script Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled
  • Installed Flash (for viewing World/Country maps)

Note - it does not work with Safari on Mac OS Lion (we are working to fix this).


How the tracking works?

The actual tracking occurs not when the user scans the QR Code but only when (if) she/he opens the URL that the QR Code contains. This implies that the QR Code has to contain a URL (which URL when loaded may provide different types of content). Another implication is that the scan will not be tracked, if the user doesn't load the URL. When a QR Code containing URL is scanned, some readers automatically open the URL, but on others this happens only after user confirmation. To find out how to maximize the chances for the user to open the URL please read our Self Hosted Tracking FAQ.


What types of QR Codes are trackable?

Only QR Codes that point to a URL are trackable. The URL itself may contain several types of content:

  • Redirect to another URL - a mobile campaign, your main web site or a file download from your server
  • Show plain text or an HTML formatted text
  • Redirect to an application on Google Play Store or iTunes

It is also possible to have a vCard as a download (with tracking) but this is not supported on iOS thus is not enabled in our Tracking System.

The full list of types that support tracking as they are listed in the QR Code Generator are:

  • Web Site URL
  • Text/HTML (the HTML option is available when the QR Code is edited after generation)
  • Google Maps Location
  • Profile in Social Networks
  • Update Twitter Status
  • YouTube Video for iPhone
  • iTunes Application Link
  • Google Play Store Link

How the tracking URL looks like?

The tracking URLs look like http://t.azon.biz/ABCD which then redirects the client to the end point (mobile site, campaign etc.) which is hosted on your server. By using our Self Hosted Tracking service you can have the tracking URL pointing to your server as well.


What data is captured by the Tracking System?

Our tracking system captures the following data for each visit:

  • exact time of the visit
  • IP of the user
  • browser headers
  • is it a returning visitor (based on a cookie set by the Tracking System)
  • the exact location of the user (optional by using Geolocation, also depends on the user discretion)

To find out what statistics data we are able to provide based on the collected data please check the next section "What statistics data is provided?".


What statistics data is provided?

Based on the IP of the visitor we are able to provide:

  • Country (shown on World map)
  • City (shown on Country map)
  • Mobile operator (OR)
  • Internet operator

Based on the browser headers we are able to provide data about:

  • Device name/model
  • Brand
  • Operating system
  • Operating system version
  • Browser
  • Browser version
  • Is it a new or returning visitor

If the optional Geolocation is enabled and the user agrees to disclose his/her location we can provide Street/City level map with the exact locations.

Note - the location (if based solely on the IP address) or the device/brand/OS information may not always be available or accurate.


What other things I can do in the system besides QR Code tracking?

Among the other things you can:

With our more advanced packages you can also:

Can Google Analytics (GA) work with your tracking solution?

Yes. You can always add GA to your mobile site like to any other site. In order to have the hits from QR Codes detected in GA as a separate stream (campaign) you have to tag the URL using the Google's URL Builder. This means that instead of having the tracking URL pointing to http://yourdomain/campaign/ you will have to change it to point to http://yourdomain.com/campaign/?utm_source=qrcode&utm_medium=print&utm_campaign=some%2Bname

This is also applicable to the QR Codes that use the Self Hosted Solution. In this case you should not forget to reupload the tracking script after you have updated the URL.


Can I generate QR Codes with direct URLs?

As AzonMobile is not just a QR Code Tracking system but also a QR Code Management one, you can generate Codes that do not use tracking and use the system only for organizing your codes. To generate a code with a direct URL just untick the check-box below the URL field under Content while on Generator. The existing QR Codes that already use tracking (thus URL shortening) this can no be changed.


List of the other available FAQs:

What support is available for the system?

The Standard, Advanced and Enterprise packages all have Email/Ticket support included with response time of 8 hours.

The Enterprise package comes with phone support as well available from 10:00 to 19:00 EET (East European Time).

While the Basic package does not come with any support we will do our best to reply.


How can I contact you?

Please use our contact form or call us at +1 718 534 7269 EET (East European Time)