How to Know That You Have a Lousy Mobile Web Site (and How to Fix It!)


One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is that they do not test out their mobile Web site before making it live. They do not realize that giving their customers a bad experience with their mobile Web site is worse than not having a mobile site at all.

There are several ways for you to see if your mobile Web site needs some improvements.

1. Take a look at your analytics.

Looking at your analytics can help you find out a lot of things about your mobile Web site. For example, take a look at your bounce rate. How many people came into the site and went out without looking further? How long did they spend on a page?

How to fix this:

What if you indeed have a high bounce rate? How do you lessen it? First, see whether your site loads properly. Does it look right? Is the layout good? Is your navigation bar displaying as it should?

Check out your content afterwards. Look at the keywords that people are using to find your site. See if these keywords match the pages they are taken to, and see if you have good content on these pages. The number one reason for people exiting your site is that they are not getting the information they are looking for!

Lastly, speed up your mobile Web site!

2. Time your site's load time.

Most of the time, visitors to a mobile Web site just hit the back button if the site loads very slow. Speed is very important when it comes to mobile users! Mobile users are often on the go and they want information fast.

Be sure to time how fast your site loads. If it loads longer than eight seconds, then you may lose a considerable number of prospective customers!

There are several online tools that you could use to measure your site’s loading speed. One example is Google Analytics.

How to fix this:

Remember that mobile broadband speeds are not as fast as the Internet connection you have at home. Do you really need to have your users download a very large image file when a small one would serve the purpose?

What’s more, make sure that you follow the suggestions given by Google here:

How to Know That You Have a Lousy Mobile Web Site (and How to Fix It!)

3. Ask your friends to give you feedback on your mobile Web site.

There is nothing better than having a pair of fresh eyes to tell you something is wrong with your mobile Web site. So be sure to ask visitors or your friends for the much needed feedback.

What are the things that should alert you that you indeed have a bad mobile Web site? These are the hallmarks of a lousy mobile Web site:

a. Before seeing your content or before reading it, your users are finding themselves scrolling too much, be it up and down or from left to right.

b. Site visitors have trouble clicking on any of your links. Or they might be missing the links entirely.

c. To see an image or text, they need to zoom into it.

d. When they tap on e-mail addresses or phone numbers, nothing happens.

e. They have a hard time filling out even short forms.

How to fix this:

Make use of HTML5 and you will have no problems with these. HTML5 allows you to have forms that are easy to fill out. There are also mobile Web site creation tools that help you easily come up with a great mobile Web site, such as our very own Mobile Web Builder.

You can test out the Mobile Web Builder to see just how easy it is to create truly stunning mobile Web sites that work as they should and display perfectly no matter what mobile device you use!