Running a Hotel? Here Are Ways to Use a QR Code!


If you own a hotel, a bed and breakfast, an inn, or any other place where people go for accommodations, then you may have a captive audience for your QR codes. Be sure to make your QR codes worth their scans.

Here are some ideas on how to do just that:

1. Make reservations painless.

You can use a QR code and a mobile app to help your guests book the room that they want.

This is what the Ritz-Carlton Hotel did a few years back. They created a mobile app that allows users to reserve and book a room where they could stay in just a few simple steps. The app also allows people to explore any Ritz-Carlton hotel anywhere in the world. They also included travel tips, digital tours and a quick link to various social networking sites.

The luxury hotel chain used a QR code to make the mobile app download easy, too. All you have to do is scan the QR code they have provided and the app will instantly be downloaded to your device.

2. Make customers’ dining experience even better.

The Radisson Edwardian features a different special dish every month. They use QR codes to help people know how the dish of the month is cooked by their world-class chefs. This not only allows their diners to see how the food is prepared, but also how it would look like even before they call their waiter for their order.

3. Make your guests’ stay even more fun.

At Scottdale, AZ's Four Seasons, they have a special teens-only membership club called Club 27 Teens. New members will get a personalized welcome kit with a QR code.

When scanned, the QR code takes teeners on a fun scavenger hunt. If they finish the hunt, they will be rewarded with a free smoothie and appetizer.

4. Offer entertainment.

Hotels can be a tricky business because you just do not know who would be checking in. A family might check into a room now, then a traveling salesman the next.

So why not use a QR code for different customers? For example, if you have a family checking into the room, get a QR code that would provide entertainment safe for the whole family. These QR codes could point to a kid-friendly Web site or allow your guests to download your recommended mobile apps on their smartphone.

Or how about giving your guests an easy-to-download city guide that they could install onto their smartphones and use while they explore the area?

This may be a little risqué, but you could also use a QR code to hide porn in a hotel room. This is what the Modez Hotel in Arnhem, the Netherlands did. Modez Hotel has different themes for its rooms, including one that was filled with QR codes. Everything in the room was covered in QR codes, even the pillows and the sheets. When guests scan these QR codes, they will be in for a little raunchy surprise as they contain illicit pictures and adult videos.

5. Make it easy for guests to tell their friends about you.

Create QR codes that allow you to connect with your guests on social media. For example, have a QR code inside your rooms that allows your guest to add you on Facebook or to follow you on Twitter. This way, they can easily share their wonderful experiences at your hotel with their friends. Or how about something more techie and personal? Like a mobile app that allows your guests to send a personalized greeting card to their friends on Facebook?

This is similar to what the Hyatt Hotels have done for their hotel chain. They put up QR codes on coasters used in their bars, lounges and restaurants to help promote their mobile app!