Focusing on User Experience for Your Mobile Web Site: Part 2


There are only a few things that are considered to be non-negotiable when it comes to planning for your mobile Web site. Making sure that it loads properly is one. Bringing in highly informative, educational and entertaining content is another. And then there's user experience, which rounds up the topmost priorities.

Of these three, user experience may be the most difficult to plan for. But there are things you can do. We have given you a couple of tips in Part 1, and now, here are some more:

3. Use your analytics.

If you are looking to streamline the features and sections of your mobile Web site to improve user experience, your analytics can help you.

Remember that 80% of visitors to your mobile Web site will only use 20% of your site's functionality.

It would be a good idea to offer only the most popular sections of your Web site on the mobile version. This way, your mobile visitors would be able to easily and conveniently get to the information that they are looking for.

4. Make your mobile Web site simple.

A simple mobile Web site is what mobile users look for. Like you can certainly do away with an FAQ page on your mobile Web site. You can make use of easy-to-understand icons, make your navigation intuitive, and keep graphics to a minimum. This way, you are not only presenting a clean interface but also making it easier for your visitors to navigate through your mobile Web site.

5. Always accommodate disruptions.

Your mobile Web site should be memorable. Why? Because mobile phones are meant for disruptions. A visitor might be super engrossed reading a blog post on your mobile Web site, and then a phone call comes in. After the call, you simply must have him or her go back to your site and continue reading.

You should find ways to make it easier for your visitors to go back to your site when they get interrupted.

A benefit of having a simple design for your Web site is that your users would be able to remember the content more. Instead of having a cognitive overload with all the graphics, animations and other elements, they will remember the content. It is what engaged them in the first place. So no matter what happens, whether they have to stop to read a text message or answer a phone call or if they have to exit because the bus they have been waiting for has arrived, they will always easily remember that they were reading your content before they were interrupted.

A good way to provide the visitors of your mobile Web site with the best user experience is to understand what they need and to know how mobile devices and mobile browsers work. If you have a thorough understanding of what your mobile audience need, then you could easily serve up the content that they want and allow them to access it easily.

But you can augment to that by knowing the unique features and capabilities that a mobile device has and work with that. Conversely, you must also know the unique limitations of mobile devices to make sure that you get to avoid these.

Yup, designing a mobile Web site is difficult, but you have us to help you through it!