Focusing on User Experience for Your Mobile Web Site: Part 1


User experience is difficult enough for desktop Web sites. It becomes even more difficult when you plan for a mobile-optimized one. Your mobile Web site has a different audience. These are people in a hurry to find the information they need. They are using a mobile device. They are on the go.

If you are having problems with regard to user experience on your mobile Web site, read on as we provide you with tips on how to make it easier for you.

1. Redo if necessary.

A lot of businesses think that having a mobile Web site is just a matter of shrinking their current Web sites and making the images and layout responsive. This may work in making your Web site appear right on mobile devices, but you run a higher risk of giving your mobile visitors a bad experience with your site.

The best thing to do is to focus first on user experience then build your mobile Web site around that. If you need to redo your mobile Web site to ensure that it gives your visitors the best experience, then do so. Do not take the easy way out.

2. Who are your users?

There are two very distinct groups of mobile visitors nowadays. One group are those who would like to know more about your business but have limited time to find the information they need. These are the people who use their mobile devices to know where your nearest store is or are comparing the products you have with those of your competitors while they are inside your store.

The other group is composed of those who use their mobile devices to while away the time when they are outside. Perhaps they are waiting for someone or for their bus to arrive. Perhaps they are just stuck in traffic. Or maybe they are just tinkering with their phones out of boredom.

You need to find out which of these two groups would be visiting your mobile Web site.

If you think that your site's main audience are those who want information in a hurry, then by all means present them a mobile Web site that allows them to get the information they need as quickly as possible. Lessen the number of taps or the links they need to click to find what they want, make your search bar even more pronounced, and take away non-essential elements in your mobile Web site that would only clutter the page.

If they are just looking around for fun or to while away their time, then present your mobile Web site in such a way that your visitors will see everything that you have to offer on your site. Perhaps you can include a good navigation bar or a splash page with links to your blog site, online game and other content that you have.

No matter which of these two you are targeting, you must always give them a good user experience with your site. And if you want both groups covered, look for a middle ground between the two. It is actually possible to please both groups of users.

These are just two steps that you could focus on improving the user experience on your mobile Web site. We have more tips so stay tuned for it!