How Restaurants Could Use QR Codes


If you own a restaurant, you should pay attention to QR codes.

These little black and white squares can really help you give your patrons a great experience with your restaurant. So if you serve great food at really reasonable prices, but are wondering why not too many people come to your place, you can look to QR codes for help.

QR Codes Can Make Your Menu Come Alive

As all restaurant owners know, having pictures and more information printed on your menu helps people decide on what to order. Seeing a photo of a dish would encourage more people to order that particular dish. So why not go further.

How about putting up QR codes on your menu that will show them a video of your chef preparing that dish? It could be a short cooking lesson where the chef demonstrates how to cook certain dishes on your menu.

Or perhaps you could put the recipe behind a QR code so that when your customers scan it, they could instantly get the recipe sent to their e-mail address.

Loyalty Programs with QR Codes

If you want to reward your customers for being loyal to your restaurant, then you can make the process easy with a QR code. There are a lot of ways for you to come up with a loyalty and rewards program, but the simplest would be with a QR code.

Tell your customers to scan your loyalty QR codes every time they visit your restaurant. They can then just enter their names and other account details and your loyalty system would take note of their visit.

QR Codes Entertain Your Guests

QR codes can direct people to various places online. Why not use QR codes to help make it easy for your guests to be entertained? For example, you could take them to an online magazine or newspaper using a QR code. For kids, a QR code can serve up a digital coloring page or perhaps allow them to download a mobile app that could give them various activities.

Make it fun for your customers while waiting for their food to be served.

Assure your customers that your food is safe with QR codes.

If you deal with seafoods, you know that a lot of people are concerned where these come from. It is the same with vegetables and other produce. Health conscious people would really want to know whether or not your are serving them genetically modified food. You can use QR codes so that your customers would be able to trace where these food come from.

Get more people to do the marketing for you with a QR code. is a sister site of AzonMobile. QRNibbles run a service that allows restaurants to get listed on its site, where people could see reviews about their place. These recommendations come a long way because you are not the one doing the marketing; other people are. relates that you can use QR codes to help people find you on its site and even leave you a review.

Why not do this for your own restaurant? You can work with QRNibbles to set this up, or just put a QR code all around your restaurant and ask your diners for a brief and honest review that will appear on Yelp or any review site of your choice.