7 Tips for QR Code's in Marketing


7 Tips for using QR Code's in Marketing

Every day we see QR Codes plastered everywhere and in general they are being misused by so called "marketing experts" worldwide. One of the main reasons is because they are so cheap to create, and by cheap I mean free.

We read articles daily of how QR Codes are dead and how they are a flash in the pan and pointless.

People deem QR Codes as pointless because like other people I am sure at some point you have scanned a QR Code, and discovered the content behind that code was absolutely pointless. Think about it, if people have to pull their phone out of their pocket, launch an app and then scan a code there needs to be something damn funky behind it for that person to ever want to scan one of the square codes again.

This can trigger either the start of a love/hate relationship. On the flip side of this QR Code scan rates are still climbing and there have been some very clever QR Code campaigns out there, that have been executed brilliantly.

The main fail is not QR Codes, but the people who are stitching them on every type of material they have.

Tip 1 - Creating the QR Code

When creating a QR Code try using a custom QR Code, it not only is more eye catching but it can also blend in with your marketing material very easily. You can also add your logo to the QR Code which gives instant brand recognition. When creating the QR Code is is advised to use url shortening which makes the QR Code less dense and easier to scan. Always TEST!

Tip 2 - Scanning Instructions

Always make sure you add scanning instructions with the QR Code. In general a lot of people recognize QR Codes but do not forget there is a large percentage who have zero idea what a QR Code is. Even a simple scan the QR Code to win a prize will grasp a persons attention as there is a clue as to what the QR Code is and there is something of value behind it.

Tip 3 - Content, Content & Content

Content is king, do not forget this. It is the bible. When someone pulls their phone out and scans the QR Code there needs to be a good reason for that person to scan the code. If it leads to a non mobile site for starters it is an epic fail. Tip 2 you have provided clear instructions and now in tip 3 make sure the content has value. For example scan the QR code to get a free coupon or 20% discount today only. Now it has value to the consumer. If they scan the Code it entitles the user to a discount or content of value. If they scan and it leads to crap content the chances are that person has lost interest in your brand immediately.

Tip 4 - Mobilize

This is not rocket science - if you lead people to a QR Code make sure the content is all mobilized. when mobilizing your content make sure it is light weight. A perfect example is usage of video, when adding video makes sure it is encoded and optimized for mobile, not everyone
will be scanning the QR Code over WIFI and as we know when using data the connection is much slower which slows/stops the process. Make sure the pages load efficiently and again TEST!

Tip 5 - Printing QR Codes

When printing QR Code remember to get your printer to do a test run of the QR Code to ensure it works correctly. A lot of QR Code campaigns fail because of lack of testing, printing incorrectly and incorrect sizing. When printing there are various considerations to be taken into consideration
for example curved surfaces and sizing. If printing on a curved surface make sure the QR code is tested. With sizing in general it is recommended QR Codes be a certain minimal size - refer to this article for detailed instructions

Tip 6 - Test, Test & Test more

Test with a variety of scanners if you are running a QR Code campaign. You would be amazed at the amount of people who not test even once. Use a variety of scanners and once happy they scan then you are good to go!

Tip 7 - Track your Results

Creating a QR Code is fine but how many people have scanned your QR Code and how can you fine tune the results. You can track your campaigns easy using one of the many free platforms on the market. By trial and error then you can compare campaigns and see what works best for your brand!

Happy QR Coding!