Three Easy Ways to Get More Mobile Subscribers


Your mobile marketing efforts are best rewarded by mobile subscribers. These are the people who you can continuously engage by offering them periodic information via SMS messaging or through your newsletter.

But how do you get more mobile subscribers? Here are some of the easiest ways:

1. Use your Web site.

Use a takeover prompt on our Web site to get mobile numbers or e-mail addresses. A takeover prompt loads before your homepage is displayed, asking your visitors to sign up for e-mail or SMS alerts.

You are giving your customers a choice between getting your information on their e-mail boxes or through their mobile phones.

However, be careful not to show this takeover prompt to new users because these people are just getting to know you and are more likely to decline the offer or leave your Web site altogether.

2. Use QR codes.

QR codes are an easy way to get people who are already in your store or are reading your marketing materials to opt for more information via their mobile phones.

This works because these are people who are already interested in your product, so much so that they are already in your shop. Make it easier for them to get further information by putting a QR code that would lead them to an online sign-up form.

Conversely, you can put a QR code on any direct mailing that you send out to your customers so that they would be able to add themselves quickly and easily to your mobile subscribers list. You could even use personalized QR codes to ensure that some of the relevant fields in your form are already pre-filled so that your mail recipients no longer have to fill it up.

3. Tap your e-mail list.

If you already have an e-mail list, it might be a good idea to give them an option whether they would like to continue receiving your e-mail newsletters or just get SMS alerts.

Done right, these three easy ideas could greatly increase your mobile subscribers. You could try these out one by one, or go all out and implement all three simultaneously. Coupled with a great offer and exceptional content for your mobile subscribers, these methods should guarantee the start of your mobile marketing success.