Why You Should Create an HTML5 Mobile Web Site Instead of Mobile Apps


We have all heard about how difficult it is to have your app approved on either the App Store or the Android Market.

Mobile app developers have to submit their apps to these app marketplaces and have them approved before they could be available for download.

But in recent weeks, it would seem that Apple is giving mobile app developers a harder time by rejecting a disproportionately high number of apps. The reason? These apps allow their users to share the app on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

So mobile app developers have to get rid of the social sharing features to get into the App Store. But that actually puts them at a disadvantage.

Why? Because social sharing allows you to get a high number of quality users than any other app marketing method.

A recent AppsFlyer report has revealed that mobile app developers have more success at getting more downloads from social sharing than from search.

This means that if somebody goes on Facebook and tells his or her friends that he or she is using your app, then you are more likely to get the user's friends to try you out.

This is especially true if you have an app that is related to travel or if you have a games app, a social app or a location-based app.

Without a social sharing feature on your app, you would have to rely on search, which delivers quality users to your app but in smaller numbers, or ad networks, which drive a high number of very low quality users to your app.

If that is not enough of a headache for you, the recent developments have underscored another problem with mobile app development: Apple is always changing its mind regarding what is acceptable and what is not. What if you spent a lot of time and money developing your mobile app and it just gets rejected?

This is one of the many good reasons why you should consider HTML5 in developing a mobile presence for your company. With a mobile Web site done on HTML5, you are giving your customers an app-like experience without being at the mercy of app marketplaces.

In short, it ensures that all the time and money you have spent on creating the HTML5 mobile Web site are guaranteed to be worth it.