How to Turn Customers Off with Your Mobile Web Site


A mobile Web site can help you engage your customers by providing them with valuable information while they are on the go. But it can just as easily drive people away if you do not plan it right. So what are the four most common ways to turn your customers off?

1. Not giving them intuitive navigation and menus.

It should be easy to get around the different pages of your mobile Web site. Organize your content so that it would be easy to categorize them and you could easily know what buttons and links to include in your navigation.

Here are the other things you need to remember when designing your navigation:

  • Make sure that the links or buttons are easily clickable.
  • Have a back button to make it easier for your visitors to go back to a previous page.

While you must ensure that every section of your page has a navigational link, you should be careful not to include too many links.

2. Presenting your content sloppily.

Your content, on top of being informative, useful, entertaining and educational, needs to be easily digested.

Remember that your mobile Web site would more probably be viewed on smaller screens so make sure that your content is easily readable.

For one, take out unnecessary things such as images that are not really related to the text you have on the page. Make text easily readable by using headers, good formatting, or splitting these up in more paragraphs. Or better yet, instead of writing paragraphs and paragraphs of content, see if you can use bullet points instead.

The text should be large enough for your visitors to read even on a small screen, while images should fit the screen so that your customers do not spend too much time scrolling from left to right just to see the whole picture.

3. Not having visual feedback.

Visual feedback is very important when you are browsing a mobile Web site. For example, a link should change in color to indicate that the user has successfully tapped on it. Or you could have a rotating icon to indicate that the next page is being loaded or the file download is starting.

4. Crowding out your mobile Web site.

You might already be constrained by space, but do avoid the temptation of crowding out your Web pages. A great mobile Web site designer knows how to use white space. White space allows you to ensure that everything on your page is readable and usable. Pad your columns to ensure that there is enough space between them. If you are going to use small fonts, then be sure to allow for wide spaces between your lines.

Avoid these common mistakes and you are on your way to building a great mobile Web site.