5 Reasons Why You Should Use HTML5 for Your Store's Mobile Web Site


If you are in retail, or if you have a physical store, then consider creating your mobile Web site in HTML5.

Why? Here are five good reasons:

1. It is a Web site that feels like an app.

We all love mobile apps because it is very intuitive, it looks good, and it is fast. Having a mobile Web site written in HTML5 allows you to give your visitors the same experience that they would get when using a mobile app.

The only different is that your visitors are not required to download and install it. Just as long as they have an HTML5 capable browser, they can easily access your site.

2. Location.

If you have a physical store, you would love HTML5 being able to show mobile users where your nearest store is or how to get there.

Mobile Web sites with HTML5 can be location-aware, using the smartphone's internal GPS. This can help you lead more customers into your store.

3. Better control over menus.

HTML5 allows you to deliver expandable and collapsible menus on your site. This is very important because, with the smaller screen of a smartphone, it is fairly easy to fill it up and make it look cluttered.

Having an expandable menu ensures that people who are interested in a particular area would be able to locate information about it easily, while also hiding this information to people who are not interested in it.

For example, instead of listing all your product lines on your navigation bar, you could just have one menu link for products. Once visitors click on this, it will expand to list all your product lines, i.e. Shirt, Shoes and Intimates. For somebody looking for shoes, they can just tap shoes and it will again expand to list down all the shoes in your catalogue.

4. Shopping cart overlays.

There are just a lot of new things that you could do with HTML5. One of them is streamlining shopping carts to make the checkout process easy, fast and simple.

You could overlay your shopping cart on any page of your mobile Web site, ensuring that your customers would be able to check out their orders no matter which page they are on.

5. Use gallery to display your products – in high definition.

Using HTML5 for your mobile Web site allows you to display high-resolution photos. You could line up your products in a gallery and have your customers tap on the items they are interested in to see a more detailed view of the product.

In short, using HTML5 to build your store's mobile Web site allows you to have an online presence that could easily help you engage with your customers by giving them an intuitive and outstanding experience. What are you waiting for? Call AzonMobile now and get your mobile Web site!