Two Things You Might Not Know HTML5 Could Do for Mobile Web Development


Mobile Web development is very exciting. And nothing deserves the credit for that more than HTML5. But do you think that you know everything there is to know about HTML5 based on what you have read about it here? Well, you could be wrong.

Here are two things that you might not know HTML5 could do for your mobile Web development.

More control over fonts.

When you use HTML5, you should know that it is compatible with the Web Open Font Format (or WOFF). WOFF is not actually listed as an HTML5 specification, but you can work it into your code.

What does WOFF do? It allows you to use Web fonts on your site. That means you can have better control over the fonts that are used on your page.

In the old days, when you specify a font for your Web site, the visitor should have that font installed before they could view it. You could, of course, tell the browser to install the font onto the visitor's computer, but with security issues and the possibility of getting viruses and malware, that may not be a good idea.

Web developers had to resort to using images or Flash animation to make sure that the Web site displays the right font that they want you to see. The problem with this method is that it is not search engine friendly. Meaning, you cannot optimize your page using images and Flash animation to rank higher on search results.

With WOFF, not only do you get more SEO juice, but you also get to display the fonts you want to use on your page.

Do much more.

Sure, HTML5 can give you video playback without having to resort to third-party plugins and better, more intuitive forms, but it can give you a lot more.

If you have been writing Web sites in earlier versions of HTML, you would know just how limited it could be.

For example, take a look at Aviary's photo editing app for the iPhone, Android and the Web. You could easily enhance any photo, add effects, frames and stickers, and basically manipulate it in any way you want. If it did not use HTML5, the app would have been a memory hog. But it is very lightweight.

Perhaps it would be much easier to convince you of this by sampling some of the best HTML5 Web sites that are online now:

Soul Reaper

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HTML5 makes mobile Web development much easier and much more beautiful. Get your own mobile Web site now. Call AzonMobile!