The Benefits of Using Custom QR Codes


QR codes are very flexible and may be used for a lot of things. These codes can take your customers to your mobile Web site, or show them a video. It is very versatile that there is no end as to what you could with it.

But it has always been criticized as looking too plain, too generic or, worse, too ugly.

This is the main reason why you should use custom QR codes. A custom QR code can help revamp the traditional QR code by including other elements, such as a different color scheme or an image or your company's logo into the QR code.

However, more than just beautifying your QR code, here are somcuse other benefits you get from using a custom QR code:

1. Assure your customers that your QR code is safe.

With all the articles and news stories coming out about "infected" QR codes, or QR codes that download malware into your smartphone, using a custom QR code assures your customers that the QR code they are scanning comes from you and is safe to scan.

Another concern about the old black and white QR codes is that they just look the same to the casual observer, allowing pranksters and cybercriminals to print out their own QR codes and stick it over your QR codes.

With a custom QR code, you are making it very difficult for these phishers to do just that!

2. Extend your branding to your QR code.

Customizing is great if your company is known for its fun and colorful image. A traditional QR code that communicates drab and conventional will certainly be a no-no for your branding.

A custom QR code can help you get a QR code that carries your brand's characteristics, helping you enforce your image to your customers!

3. Get your customer's attention!

With its colors and added elements, a custom QR code simply commands attention!

Go ahead, use a customized QR code for your marketing campaign! Need help? Call AzonMobile to get beautifully created custom QR codes that work!