QR Codes Are Dead? Not So!


QR codes have earned a bad reputation over the past few months. A major part of the blame goes to marketers who do not plan ahead and who do not create content that will make QR codes worth the consumer’s time and effort to scan.

We have seen a lot of QR code marketing blunders from even the biggest brands, so it is easy to dismiss QR codes as just another fad or as something that you should not bother with.

What's more, a lot of so-called experts are foreseeing the "death" of QR codes, especially with new and similar technologies coming out, like NFC technology or other types of two-dimensional barcodes. There are also the misconception that nobody scans a QR code, so much so that there is a Tumblr account called Pictures of People Scanning QR-codes having no posts.

But before you dismiss QR codes as a total waste of time, take note of the following statistics and see how using AQ codes can benefit you:

1. According to Google Insights, 44% of Americans now own a smartphone. This means that you have a bigger number of people who will be able to scan your QR code.

2. Well and good, but how many people do scan QR codes? A recent study from Arbitron and Edison Research has found that 2.75 million Americans scan QR codes on a regular basis.

The study included 2,021 people who are smartphone users and who are at least 13 years old. It was found that 21% smartphone owners have already scanned a QR code.

This most recent study reflects what we have been hearing all along about QR codes:

Mobile QR code scanner application developer, Scan, has recently talked to Forbes to reveal that their app has just gotten up to 25 million downloads.

comScore recently reported that there were 17.4 million people in the top five countries of the European Union who have scanned QR codes.

Further, this infographic reveals that the number of QR code scans increased by 4,549% year on year to the first quarter of 2012.

So are QR codes dead? Judging from the sheer number of people who are using it, it is not. If it is, it would be like Elvis Presley, who still has a lot of fans even if he has been dead for decades now.