QR Codes Are Not Just for Marketing


QR codes are just about everywhere these days. It seems that companies are trying to take full advantage of using QR codes for their marketing campaigns.

Who wouldn't? QR codes give marketers an easy and effective way to give out more information about their company, their products and their services without having to spend more money.

However, this gives the impression that QR codes are only good for marketing.

AzonMobile assures you that it is not. In fact, here are some non-marketing uses for QR codes:

1. QR codes for education. QR codes can make learning a lot more fun and interesting for students. Take for example using a QR code that would give students instant access to videos, photos, audio files and other related materials. QR codes have been included in books, such as 80 Days Around the World, where readers could scan QR codes and learn more about the places mentioned in the book. QR codes have also showed up on course materials, handouts and even inside classrooms and libraries.

2. QR codes on tombstones. You might consider it a wee bit morbid, but QR codes have been used on tombstones to help celebrate the life and times of many dead people. They could be famous people, historical figures and politicians. Or they could be ordinary people whose loved ones wanted other people to "get to know." These tombstone QR codes resolve to a variety of places, including personal Web sites, Facebook accounts, the deceased's blog site or linked to the online obituary.

3. Fashionable QR codes. QR codes have also been used on the tags of clothes, offering information on the designer or letting people follow the designer on Twitter. Better still, QR codes have been used as a design on clothes. Scanning these QR code shirts, bags and accessories took users to the owners' desired URLs.

4. QR codes at home. Of course, you could create a QR code for use at home. When packing your things for storage, you could either take a picture of what's inside the box or create a list of its content. You can then create a QR code and affix these codes to the boxes. The next time you need something, you can just scan the codes and see the photos or list of what's inside rather than opening each one of your boxes just to find the item you are looking for.

QR codes are also great so that you could add videos to your recipes and share these.

As you can see, QR codes have a lot of uses outside of marketing. If you need to create a QR code for your own personal use, we invite you to try our own QR code generator.