The Benefits of Using HTML5


HTML5 is the current standard for Web sites. What is it and why should you use it?

HTML5 is a core technology of the Internet and is the latest revision of the HTML standard. It allows you to create Web sites easily and intuitively while also making the code simple enough to be read and understood by humans.

What are its benefits?

1. You can now junk add-ons to display multimedia files on your site. It used to be that you need a third-party plugin if you put up videos, music and other multimedia content on your site. With HTML5, you can now play music, videos, animations, and drawings on the page itself without needing to download something like Flash, Silverlight or any other add-ons.

2. You can make use of offline databases. HTML5 allows you to store data on your computers using a SQL-based database.

3. You can use your applications even without Internet connection. HTML5 provides you with an offline application cache so that you can access and use applications even when you are not connected to the Internet.

4. You now have better forms. HTML5 now has support for better form fields. This means that you have better text inputs and search boxes. HTML5 is also better at data validation.

5. Geolocation. HTML5 can also help you know where your customers are viewing your site, if they are using a compatible browser.

6. HTML5 is good for your mobile Web site. If you have a mobile Web site created using with HTML5, you are assured that it will work well on mobile devices. What's more, even if the mobile device does not support Flash, you can still use multimedia files and it will play on these devices.

This is the reason why Web developers are favoring HTML5 over the older HTML versions. They do a lot more and coding is much simpler for them. Are you thinking of creating a mobile Web site? Then you should seriously consider HTML5!