QR Codes Best Practices: Instructions Are Very Important!


When coming up with a QR code marketing campaign, make sure that you put up instructions for your QR codes.

It is easy to think that people would instinctively know what to do with a QR code. After all, these codes are everywhere and marketers have known them for at least the past two years.

However, it is not safe to assume that your customers do know what QR codes are and how to use them.

So, here are some reminders when it comes to using QR codes for your marketing:

1. Tell your customers what a QR code is and how to scan it.

No matter how commonplace QR codes have become, it is always wise to introduce them to your customers. Tell them what a QR code is and what they should do in order to scan it. If you want, recommend a QR code scanning application that they could download and use. Then list down the steps they need to do in order to scan it.

2. Tell your customers what your QR code is for.

Always indicate what your customers can get from scanning your QR codes. For example, tell them that scanning the QR code will give them a discount or a chance to win something in a contest. Or indicate that scanning your QR code, they could get exclusive access to your mobile Web site or get exclusive information that they will not be able to get elsewhere.

Your instructions do not need to be very lengthy. In fact, a short blurb that is informative and direct to the point will probably serve you better when it comes to putting up instructions with your QR code. You could just say: “Scan this QR code using your smartphone and a QR code scanning application and get a chance to win an Xbox 360 from us.”

Doing this will help encourage your customers not only to scan your QR code, but to do so immediately!