QR Code Campagin Tips


If you are about to launch a new mobile/QR code campaign there are several things you should consider. Please read the following tips in regards the general QR codes usage and user education on the technology.

  • Use the QR Codes as a bridge between the traditional print media and the online channels. Incorporate QR codes whenever there is some additional content or actions that the users can perform online. The combined online and offline consumer experience and exposure to content should be considered from the very beginning.
  • It is recommended in countries with less usage of QR Codes as part of a campaign to text a shortcode to get a free scanner app for your mobile phone.
  • Either above or below the QR Code for print campaigns consideration should be taken and basic instructions added to the QR Code. Scan the Code to enter out Free competition as one example.
  • Large Icons can also be added which is common in Europe to Scan with your smartphone accompanied by Android / iPhone icons.
  • For print advertisements is is highly recommended to do a print run to ensure the campaign scans and works as according to the specification.
  • Make sure all pages are mobilized to the leading content. In general the QR codes should not lead to content that is not optimized for mobile desives.
  • Campaigns in subways and underground transport areas should be avoided unless there is wifi as the scan will work but there will be no GSM coverage to load the mobile site and the campaign will prove pointless.
  • Make sure when a customer scans the QR Code there has to be value behind the scan. There has to be a necessity for that person to scan the QR Code, whether it be providing entry to a competition or gaining a trailer of a new movie that is just about to become available.

As well before you do the print materials for the campaign you should read the "Tips for printing QR Codes" post.